Jun 6, 2011


School is over so now I have more time to say whatever comes to my head on my twitter. Then it occurred to me; What if the people 'following' you on twitter were really following you in real life? You would never know where they are, hidden in the shadows watching your every action.

This is my new twitter background I designed following this sweet tutorial. Now if I could just figure out how to edit my blog's background. Anyone know a tutorial? I have in mind my own illustration as the background, if anyone knows of a tutorial that can help me achieve that, then link me to it please!


  1. Love your work!
    When you are in the new "blogger template designer" select "background" , when you click on "background image" a window will open - the very top choice is "upload image".
    Hope this helps you!
    ~ k

  2. Hey, thank you for the compliment Kerosene.

    I have tried that method many times only to get frustrating results! Every file I upload blogger claims it to be too big a size. I've had my friends take a crack at it, but it seems no one can crack this unnecessary puzzle.