May 26, 2011

the littlest lovers

My friend and his family are trying to spread a really positive message, "Living is so big". I chose to help out spread the message in my own way, I illustrated. It happened to be valentines time so I thought up this little thing. To get a richer idea of what their doing go to their cite,

This is the original sketch, for obvious reasons the full idea didn't make it to the final design. I guess I like that kinda of an idea; Its like entering the garden of eden but, the fruits are rotten.

May 25, 2011


I had a lot of fun making this little illustration, laughing to myself in this public I was in for some reason, getting weird looks from the hot librarian (pretty sure she just needed an excuse to look at me). I made it with this free vector program called inkscape if you've heard of it? Heard of it? If not you should check it out its pretty sweet, after you check this sweet baby out.

May 24, 2011


It began with a modest pen, then flourished into a full scale design. I was thinking of meditation and the sandy beaches of cacon when I had the pen in my hand, this is clearly shown in the nice organic shapes flowing in the background. Crealy.

This design also survived my scrutiny and became a shirt. I sold the shirt to one of my favorite art teachers Mrs. Rice who helped me put together my high school senior year portfolio. She had the only shirt ever made, ever.

May 1, 2011


Ok class turn lets see what you have accomplished with your time.