Feb 5, 2011

valentines day flower sale

This is a poster I designed for my schools valentine thing. Three clubs combined to spend money to entertain the lovers of my school but couldn't think to pay me for my services.

Below are the independent illustrations that I used in the design. You can buy them here or die, because I worked very hard on them, I didn't even stop to eat, not that the poster was due that night had anything to do with my determination.

I've attempted biting roses like in the movies but, all I get is bloody gums and a bad taste of plant stuff in my mouth. Its hard to be a romantic, so I've decided to abbandon the whole romance thing and stick to good ol' solitude.

Don't go into a photo-booth without friends on valentines day, it doesn't do well to your street cred.  Trust me it feels batman...

Im not sure why Michael Jackson came to mind when I was sketching out ideas for the poster. Is it because his voice is like a sweet melody of a well played harp? Why did I think of a harp just now? I may never know.

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