Feb 14, 2011


While I may be a skeptical motherfucker with a gift for anger
You can’t deny I always give you the benefit of the doubt
While I may fight endlessly for my belief in myself and a fear of languor
My love for you is something I’m learning to live without

Why bother when I live in a shell that my mind contrives?
Allowing nobody to get close to my fragile, dusty center
We open up more than we would like to for our first Valentine’s
Thinking that I wish I could believe heaven sent her

What I forgot is that I know a grand total of dick about this
You can call it my very first certified learning experience
Most people are ignorant but their bliss beats the hell out of stasis
Pain is hard to feel when your reality is relative to a pleasing appearance

But the first time you feel it, it’s hard to hold up your head
Insecurities may gnaw at your soul but don’t project a lifetime of it on others
I can’t change the fact that your mom makes you wish you were dead
But I can show you the same love I give to my brothers

And hope that it makes you feel something I’ve always yearned for
A glimmer of hope in an old chasm cradled around a lonely heart
Life’s not a shit hole but a grand tour of grandeur
A master of beauty, as we have all witnessed from the start
And if you let it, it can bless you with its perfect art

-Riza R.

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