Dec 5, 2010


I found this sweet store in Olathe Kansas' dying mall where they can print your designs unto shirts. So after school one day I decided to just go for it. I knocked out a few illustrations and headed down to that store. 

The first one of the short lived series I did my own face. I don't actually have freckles but I think people who have a few sprinkled at the corner of their eyes are attractive. I think I'll hold out on women, until I find one with their freckles in the right area, to do the old in out in out with, so they can bare children I enjoy looking at while sitting alone in a dark room nodding my head in approval.

After seeing me wear my face on my chest this kid named Josh wanted a shirt of himself. 15 dollars later he got it. He does that flippy thing with his hair, which I used to point out to him every time he did it.

I gave this illustration via shirt to this kid named Efren on his birthday. This was the last one of its kind because I hated driving to that dirty old mall, and I also Kinda moved to New Jersey. 

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