Dec 30, 2010

black and white

These are some projects from my 2D design class. When doing them they felt like a waste of time, but I knew they'll come to value at some point in my life so I've had to force myself to finish them.

Kat from Halo Reach. The idea in this project was to play with line thickness. I chose Kat from Halo Reach, at the time the assignment was assigned (*ahem) the game was released and I played it, a lot.

The line was from this picture. It's from a Gamepro - Us article, can't remember what issue it was cause I don't even read them; I get them from the mailbox and carry them trait to the trash. I used to work for Game Stop, but I lost the job because I horrible with people and too moral to lie. They would hold up some generic shovel ware game and ask, "Is this game good?" I'd hold back the rage and give them a little speech about what "Good" is. After recommending a game that I believe has more to offer, they would just shrug and buy the piece of trash and leave with a smile thinking they just bought the perfect gift for their 13 year old son.

Line project.

Demonstrate space.

This is the left half of my final 2D design class. On this side I was playing with the idea of the digital world clashes with dreams. Just try and imagine the kinds of sounds and smells you'd experience if you found yourself in such a place.

The right half I attempted to make it more organic, refraining for edges and straight lines, hypnotic colors and shapes. In future projects I want to plan out my color pallets. Here in these designs I just used whatever color I liked. Fumes aside I'm glad I had enough Sharpies to get me through the assignment.

Here is the final composition brought to you by tape. I'm happy how the eye on the right panel looks when seen from a distance.

Dec 27, 2010


An inviting scene in a winter wonderland, fresh fish, want to come in for dinner?

buy the mouse pad here.

Dec 24, 2010

action bear

Created for action, existing for action, here comes action bear!!!

I created a poster for this design that you can find here.


This is how one of my old high school friend will handle an encounter with a bear. I'm positive this is accurate.

This sweet illustration also comes in shirt form that you can purchase here if you want to. Only if you want to.

Dec 19, 2010


Ever get a letter from someone you didn't expect to remember you? well I didn't but, this would be my reaction I'm sure. Also merry Christmas.

I turned this little illustration into card if anyone cares.

Dec 5, 2010


I found this sweet store in Olathe Kansas' dying mall where they can print your designs unto shirts. So after school one day I decided to just go for it. I knocked out a few illustrations and headed down to that store. 

The first one of the short lived series I did my own face. I don't actually have freckles but I think people who have a few sprinkled at the corner of their eyes are attractive. I think I'll hold out on women, until I find one with their freckles in the right area, to do the old in out in out with, so they can bare children I enjoy looking at while sitting alone in a dark room nodding my head in approval.

After seeing me wear my face on my chest this kid named Josh wanted a shirt of himself. 15 dollars later he got it. He does that flippy thing with his hair, which I used to point out to him every time he did it.

I gave this illustration via shirt to this kid named Efren on his birthday. This was the last one of its kind because I hated driving to that dirty old mall, and I also Kinda moved to New Jersey. 


One of my friends begged me to make her something. I'd been thinking of trying a new technique and I figured why not kill two rocks with one bird.

"Sure I'll do it" I said. "OMG thanks!" she'd respond, "btb" I replied. A short wait and then, ";)".