Sep 28, 2010


I found this weeks post relative because I was actually listening to some Johny Cash before getting the email update. Are you stalking me Illustration Friday?

Sep 24, 2010

the musician

I had an idea for a story about a poor musician that started with nothing, had poor musical skills but his determination some how managed to get him going even when things looked really bad. For example he found this really disgusting apartment but he just saw it as a new place to call home and immediately began practicing for his small gig at an old YMCA; that no one goes to, because it smells like pee. But somehow he manages to bring in crowds slowly bringing back the YMCA to its former glory. The importance of the story will be illustrated with how he motivates people with his determination.

I borrowed the background image from this site.

Sep 23, 2010


So I'm working on this really sweet space marine idea from the gamesworkshop universe Warhammer 40k. The plan was to sketch out the standard spacemarine, then ad little things; skulls, rings, chain-mail, bullet holes, just like a customized space marine would have you do. Then model the whole deal in the 3D program called Maya so that I may pose or animate  my creation in my own fantasy. 4 hours into the project I've started to model the little objects in his belt. I have down two of the fragmentation grenades and half the belt done. The helmet was under construction at hour 6 and I could feel the pangs of hunger grinding my stomach. 'I am a warrior' I told myself, a space marine wouldn't give in so easily, that would be unexceptionable, and so i pushed on breaking down the design of the helmet into simple shapes so I could model them in Maya. Whenever I felt stuck I would simply browse through the epic cinematic trailer on the internets that I have seen 100ths of times in the last 4 years. Brother Broderick was next to me working on his own project. When the silence would get to me I would chat it up with great enthusiasm different characters or stories of the 40k universe. It was nearly time to go and Mr. Swift our 3D teacher walks into the room to shoo us away. We show him what we have been working and immediately shuts down my work as plagiarism. He tells me I wouldn't be able to turn in this work into the contest unless i want to be disqualified. My face when he tells me this. :|

Sep 7, 2010


An old illustration I did for 'Illustration Friday' it was when I first started a blog. I put it under a different blog 'deux ex machina' which felt like I was trying too hard to be cool. you know like those kids on the playground who try to make their team better by using a complicated name. "'Were alpha wulf beta squad 7', you guys will be 'team 2'".

Sep 3, 2010


In this sketch im having a stare down with myself. I know i have ideas, but it seems my mind is keeping them from me. So maybe i could intimidate myself to give up the what I want so badly.


After lunch while his handler enjoys some nice puding george wonders away and finds himself in a college dorm. this thought amused me. In theory its not that far from reality. curious george meddles with things and experiments. this is bound to happen.

I originaly created this for use as my steam avatar. Find me @ curious jeorge and if your up for some tea my xbox live name is curious je.